Are You Teaching Your Children Essential Life Skills To Be Prepared For Life?

Raising Safe and Confident Kids is Now More Important Than Ever. 

Are You Teaching Your Children Essential Life Skills To Be Prepared For Life?

Raising Safe and Confident Kids is Now More Important Than Ever.



As a Registered Nurse, I know how important it is to be prepared. As a Mom, I know we face unique challenges. We can never be sure what is coming our way. But with good planning, you can be prepared for almost anything motherhood throws at you.

Did you know that preparing for challenges creates better outcomes and allows you to live your best prepared life? I will show you how to live a life that is prepared and proactive, not unprepared and reactive. I will give you the tools & resources to develop your children into having the essential life skills they will need, to help you achieve the peaceful, well-balanced prepared lifestyle you deserve.

Here at PreparaMom…

our mission is to provide you with simple life-changing routines, schedules, products & tasks that will help you raise safe, self-reliant, confident and well-balanced kids who are prepared for this gift we call life.

We give you the tips, tools, and resources to take the everyday stress out of daily family life, so you will be empowered to enjoy the very thing you cherish most…YOUR BEST PREPARED LIFE.


Free Child Safety Identification Kit

This Child Identification Record will guide you in gathering information and other needed items to aid Law Enforcement in locating your child in the event your child ever goes missing

Free Mom's Little Handbook to Common Kids Emergencies

This Pediatrician approved handy book will guide you on how to treat your child’s common ailments. 

Free Family Monthly Action Plan

This  Monthly Budgeting Action Plan, with step by step instructions on guiding you exactly on what you need to do to set up your own family budgeting plan 

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Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love this Mom!! Her medical kits are awesome. They are the the perfect kits for mom with kids on the go. Her sports kit is great for any sport of any age! I just love that I don’t have to think about it…I just keep it in the car and it for any minor emergency. 

Charmin T.

Best kit out there

I spent months trying to buy everything that a medical kit “should” have and yet when I found this kit I realized it was all there in this small bag that someone else had done all the work for me. This is perfect to keep along in my car for emergencies. I love this and can’t wait to get them for my friends who are pregnant.

Andrea K.

As a civilian Registered Nurse and an Army Nurse Corps veteran, I am pretty particular about what supplies I’ll use on my family when someone needs first aid. This Sports First Aid Kit by PreparaKit is, hands down, the best first aid kit I’ve ever seen. It has name brand supplies in good quantities and is organized in a logical fashion. It’s portable, lightweight and comes in a cute and durable case. Thank you for this great product!

Susan C.

Follow Along On Instagram

We’re down to our last 10 Mini Take Along First Aid Kits and we unfortunately won’t be offering it anymore, so if you’ve been eyeing this, grab it before it’s all gone.⠀

One of the biggest lesson I’m learning is that being in business for yourself is a big time, energy and money.⠀

And that not everything will work out as you plan for it to be.⠀

My vision for our Minj Kit was for an even smaller version that even kids could carry in their backpacks on their own so that they would always have bandaids readily available when they needed it.⠀

And it was a great hit, unfortunately I learned after the fact that there were too many challenges, including the cost to make it.⠀

So I had to decide what made most sense for our customers as well as our small family owned business.⠀

That’s why we opted to not continue with this. Maybe a little TMI but it’s a behind the scenes type of thing that you normally wouldn’t see but I wanted to share and be completely transparent about it. 😊⠀

From now until all 10 kits are gone, I want to extend a 20% discount for you.⠀

Use code 20MINI at checkout and get yours now before it’s all gone for good.⠀Link in bio or

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16 2

Ever since I married my husband, I've gotten so used to the luxury of dishwashers.⁠⠀
Prior to that, it was all hand washing. I mean we had a perfectly good dishwasher, but my family just never used it.⁠⠀
So of course my kids are growing up only knowing about the convenience of using this appliance.⁠⠀
But a few months ago, ours broke down and I'm like...hmmm this is the perfect time to teach them how to wash their own dishes.⁠⠀
I know, I'm such a mean mom...I made my kids wash their own dishes.⁠⠀
After breakfast, lunch, dinner and even after school, I told all the kids they were responsible for washing their own dishes.⁠⠀
Surprisingly, I didn't get too much whining about it. I guess they are just used to me coming up with random rules and new routines. LOL⁠⠀
In the beginning, we had to re-wash it a few times and had to re-emphasize clean washing techniques but they all did very well. I am so proud.⁠⠀
So now I know they are all very well capable of knowing how to wash dishes. Mission accomplished!⁠⠀
BTW, they were ecstatic (me too, since I've grown to love my dishwasher) when we got our new dishwasher in a couple months later. Haha!⁠⠀
Do you use your dishwasher or handwash?⁠⠀
#lifewithkids #raisingthefuture #momlifebelike #mymamahood

17 12

No one ever wants to think about this kind of stuff but you really just never know.⁠⠀
So at this exact moment, do you have a plan in place?⁠⠀
Are you involved in making household financial decisions? I'm a huge proponent of both spouses being a part of it because in this case, ignorance is not bliss.⁠⠀
Even though you may not be the main bread winner, it's still a good idea that you know what's all coming in and what's all going out.⁠⠀
Do you have a Will/Trust in place? Life Insurance? Plans for who will take care of the kids if something tragic were to happen?⁠⠀
It's failing to prepare that catches us off guard.⁠⠀
Take a moment and just ask yourself, "If I found myself becoming a widow overnight, how would me and my kids survive?"

14 1

Seriously, if you're constantly feeling overwhelmed with all the day to day chaos, creating a system for it will save you so much stress.⁠⠀
Let me give you an example.⁠⠀
Every single day, I would be hounding my kids to wake up and get downstairs to eat breakfast and get out the door to school on time.⁠⠀
I got fed up with it all and said enough was enough.⁠⠀
I went out and got each kid an alarm clock. Wrote down the morning tasks they needed to do. Discussed with them what I expected of them. And what will happen if they don't.⁠⠀
It didn't happen overnight but now, our school days look like this: 6:30am wake up; Downstairs by 7am; Get their backpacks to designated location; Unload dishwasher; pack their lunches if it's reheating leftovers; eat breakfast; leave the house by 7:40.⁠⠀
We still have our off days but for the most part, the kids are so used to this routine that even on off days, I'm not stressing out.⁠⠀
They are 9 & 11 now but I started this with them when the youngest was in Kindergarten and now, I'm loving my mornings.⁠⠀
Start off with just one thing. Pick something that you have been tolerating for way too long and declare with everyone that starting today, things are going to change.⁠⠀
Then slowly add to it and before you know it, you'll have things running like clockwork. :-)⁠⠀
What's that one thing you've been putting up with that drives you crazy every single day. Drop it below and I'd love to help you brainstorm some ideas.⁠⠀
#momssupportingmoms #momproblems #thatmomlife #momlifebelike

12 1

Be the uncool mom!⁠⠀
It won't be easy but hey #momminainteasy.⁠⠀
They won't understand why you do the things you do now but they WILL thank you for it later.⁠⠀
Besides, deep down, I KNOW I'm a cool mom because I also make sure we have fun together and take time out just to be silly with each other.⁠⠀
Those are the moments that really makes a difference anyways right?⁠⠀
What's one thing you do that puts you into the "uncool mom" category?⁠⠀
#lifewithlittles #raisingthefuture #momstrong

10 3

After the “birds and the bees” talk, talking about money can be one of the toughest things to teach kids. ⁠⠀
Especially if you have never been taught it growing up yourself.⁠⠀
If teaching money management skills is something you haven’t already started, it can be done with three really super simple ways.⁠⠀
Click on the link in my bio to read more or visit:⁠⠀

5 0

The votes came in and we're so excited to be adding these new design and colors to our current PreparaKit line of First Aid Kits for you in the next couple of months.⁠⠀
I'll be sharing more info the closer we get.⁠⠀
Thanks for helping me choose and I can't wait to start sharing these with you.⁠⠀
Now I'm starting to plan ahead for something fun to do? What do you think? Another giveaway for one of these? A contest?⁠⠀
Tell me what you want below and your idea may very well be used. I love doing fun and creative things for you guys...I'm just not that great at coming up with the ideas. LOL!⁠⠀
#momsofinsta #momsofig #busymom #momstuff

16 4

“Spread your wings and fly”⠀

Did you know that it takes a baby bird 10 days to 3 weeks to learn how to fly? And that they are trained by their parents through the power of reinforcement.⠀

That’s just like us except of course we have about 18 years to “train” our kids to spread their wings and fly. 🤣⠀

But our kids learn how to survive the real world on their own from us reinforcing different lessons, just like the momma bird has to figure out how to get the baby bird to learn how to fly and get his own food.⠀

I am going to hold on tight to these precious years but time is flying by so darn quick. They will be 10 & 12 this year! 😱⠀

My goal as a parent? The day I see them off on their first day to college 😭, I have some peace of mind knowing I have done everything I can to make sure they are prepared to take care of themselves and “fly” on their own.⠀

And that means they can cook, clean and do their own laundry, keep themselves safe and be confident in themselves and their abilities to manage the basic fundamentals in their personal, professional and financial life.⠀

My guess is that they will fumble in the beginning but hopefully will remember what they have been taught and apply it.⠀

And if they choose not to...I’ve still done my job and I guess they will just have to learn the hard way. 🤷🏻‍♀️⠀

Anyone else feel like their kids are growing up way too fast?!? 🙋🏻‍♀️⠀

#lifewithlittles #momlifebelike #raisingthefuture #parentinglife

25 5

I’m the worst culprit at this. I don’t celebrate enough all my small wins I’ve made throughout my life so far.⠀

In actuality, when I do reflect back, I indeed have accomplished a lot. I mean just having and raising 2 kids to this point is a huge win. 🤣⠀

So if you’re reading this and have kids, you really have come a long ways. I mean look at the person we’ve grown into after having kids?⠀

And think about all the lessons we have learned (good and bad) that we can now take with us into this next decade!⠀

Look back to see how far you’ve come but look forward to see all the unlimited potential that awaits for you.⠀

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2020? ⠀

For me, it’s going to be about growth and expansion. 😊⠀

#lifegoal #mompreneurlife #momlifeisthebest #personalgrowth

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